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The largest agricultural complex in Primorsky Krai

About the agricultural complex

All-season production of vegetables and salads

Growing vegetables according to the principle of hydroponics, we use artesian water and special LED lighting, we resort to biological plant protection and pollination by live bumblebees.
8000+ t/yPerformance
10 hectaresPlant area
Full cycleFrom cultivation to delivery
4thGeneration greenhouses

The agrocomplex guarantees fresh and high-quality products thanks to controlled growing conditions, the use of modern technologies and natural processing methods. This allows us to offer consumers tasty and nutritious vegetables and salads that retain their beneficial properties.

Our agro-complex actively applies sustainable farming methods and environmentally friendly approaches to production. This includes the use of organic fertilizers, biological pest control. These practices help maintain biodiversity, soil health and water resources.

Our agro-complex prides itself on its reliable supply and stability, which are the basis of our successful business. We strive to meet the needs of our customers by providing a regular and reliable supply of fresh vegetables and salads. We understand that it is important for our customers to have constant access to quality products.


Midi cucumberSmooth cucumber
Cherry tomatoesRed, yellow, brown
Cocktail tomatoesRed, yellow, brown
Medium-sized tomatoesPink
Plum tomatoesRed, yellow, pink
Large-fruited tomatoesRed
SaladsIceberg, Aficion, Oakleaf

Primorye Harvest

All vegetables under the own brand of the agricultural complex "Harvest of Primorye" are grown according to the Dutch technology

Thanks to this, our consumers receive environmentally friendly products without pesticides and fungicides.
Environmentally friendly products grown in an environmentally pristine region
Strict sanitary control at every stage of production
Compliance with the rules of products transportation.


Oleg OgayCommercial Director
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